Ovčar Banja

Ovcar Banja – Spa is highly rich in thermal-mineral waters, of 37-38°C, consisting of a great variety of chemical elements (lithium, rubidium, cesium, strontium, barium, iodine, bromine, cobalt, pottasium, natrium), which are, as such, used for rheumatic diseases, injured muscle tissues, bone fractures and skin diseases, too.

In the shade of pine, birch, walnut and poplar trees, in the part of the spa located on the right bank of the Zapadna Morava, there is a campsite along a swimming-po-l supplied with warm thermal water, a favourite get-togeter of campers, hikers and other visitors.

In addition to the campsite, accommodation capacities of Ovcar Banja are provided for by the restaurants “Kablar” (60 beds) and “Dom” (40 beds).You can arrive in Ovcar Banja – Spa by train, by highway M5 Cacak-Uzice and by bicycle, as numerous admirers of cycling do on the way from Cacak to Ovcar Banja- Spa.

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